my fresh palette


How it Works:

1.  We can discuss what scene and what you do or do not not want in your painting, (for instance I can add a loved one or a favorite pet)  Usually, The First Kiss, Dance or Walking Down the Aisle are favorites for Paintings. 


2.  I usually arrive on site 2hrs ahead of the Wedding to set up and sketch the background.    Usually, I take the painting back to my studio to finish up and make any final corrections,  The painting will be finished and ready for pickup or shipped with-in 2 weeks of event.

3.  These prices are for triple primed canvas stretched over 1-1/2'' wood frames. 

Acrylic Painting

16" x 20":  $900

18" x 24":  $1,150

24" x 30":  $1,400

36" x 40":  $1,750