Imagine running with bare feet over broken glass  staring with childlike wonder out onto a sea of metal, in varying degrees of color and decay, heaped in nature's own blend of patinas here in the mountains of Western North Carolina. Tones and intentions slip away. You will see the reflections of these memories in Linda's paintings.  Reaching for some forgotten thing, what you find is your memories. They never left. They are part of you.

They were here all along.

Marc Chagall

 Her art is becoming extremely desirable to collectors of Appalachian art, outsider art, women's art. Linda's art is fun, sensual, and soul stirring.  Thank you for visiting the website, please browse the gallery and contact Linda for more information about how to own a piece of one of her collections or to commission her to paint something specific.

great art picks up where nature ends.

The paintings of Linda Darlene Mae Allen illuminate her own style of artistic expression. 
Her art is a tribute to the nature she remembers, sees, and dreams. 

my fresh palette